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Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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So here’s my pictures/doodles/pieces of shit for AzzyDarling’s amazing Mass Effect Big Bang fic “Don’t Be Afraid”, a complete Zombie AU with our gorgeous Mass Effect lovers. The story is amazing and I had a ton of fun reading it, and eventually drawing for it! It was an absolute pleasure, here’s to you Azzy!

I will be adding more art to this fic. It’s just shit got a bit difficult with the old life-thing, so be patient. I’m sorry I suck so bad. :’D


I needs.
I had decided to quit with Ever After High. Then they revealed Lizzie. Now I’m undecided again. I want those tights for myself.

I was hoping Gil would be sold by himself but I think I’ll have a better chance at getting a 2-pack.

I think witches should belong in Ever After High, makes more sense. But she’s made with the larger body that I love so much so I need her.

Not feeling the blue lipstick on Weberella but at the moment this one is my only option. Love those outfits though!

I’m not head over heels for Garret but I still need. So nice to see more boys!

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More details from the Monster High display case @ SDCC 2014

Garrot & Rochelle "Scarisian Vacation” 2 pk

Deuce “Manster” 2 pk

Clawdeen & Jinafire “Swim” line 2014 ~ wave 3

Clawdeen remains everything, sky is still blue

(everyone looks great tho. thanks for the pics!)