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Well currently I am sitting here taking a black fabric marker to her hair and no one has time for rerooting. And besides, I like the general style of her hair (half shaved) but I am going for the dark dark hair. Its going to tightly curled to the side. I am redoing her lips in an almost metallic red as well as her nails. I am not touching her eyes because...well...I am not that good. As for her outfit, I have something designed. Its a goth princess look...but we will see how it turns out

That sounds sweet!!! I can’t wait to see your progress!

so what did I do on this fine Easter? I went to walmart and grabbed a cheap venus mcflytrap and have been slowly transforming her into the daughter of the wicked witch of the west

OMG that is so exciting!! How are you going to do her??

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Ghouls Night Out Lagoona

I have to say- her standard hair left me a little cold. Not my favorite to say the least- but I have been kind of spoiled with my first Monster High dolls. Anywho- I decided to mix her up a bit with an outfit reordering and a new hairstyle inspired by everythingistroymazing tutorial until I get the chance to boil all the blue out of her hair and clea it up.